How I Connect My Dots of Creativity



I am an artist and educator - a retired New York City public school teacher who brings to the table, the benefits of having been educated in three Continents. My life's journey takes the form of a holistic service to others that brings much satisfaction to me.  I do this through a concept I refer to as Connecting the Dots of Creativity.

Connecting the dots of Creativity, for me, involves taking a look at all that I am passionate about, and devising a way to bring them together to accurately represent the way I use resources available to me to serve others. This makes for an effective sense of purpose for me! 


It is my hope that every connection I make with my brand of art will either serve to break down barriers, subscribe to making the world into a smaller place or inspire 21st Century youth to embrace creativity in all areas of their personal life, and in their academic and professional aspirations.


I connect my dots of creativity by providing social and emotional visual arts-based solutions and enrichment as a Textile Artist, Social Entrepreneur and registered Nassau and Eastern Suffolk BOCES Teaching Artist & Cultural Partner(Arts-in-Education Consutant).


Through my brand of visual expressions, I am able to integrate multi-ethnic and contemporary surface designs and form to create wearable art as the Creative Director of Madona Cole Originals. This includes the creation of Dignity Headwear for hair loss and wardrobe enhancement. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I provide a wearable art solution for someone who may not be able to readily find what they want in the commercial market place, or for someone who does not like to see themselves coming or going. The dialogue that emanates from the custom surface designs I create for home furnishings and apparel makes my efforts well worth it.


When I facilitate multi-ethnic art-related cultural and social enrichment workshops for schools, libraries, and other community organizations through My Time Has Come Program, I break down barriers between people and make the world a smaller place, and engender a sense of self and belonging in my participants.


My most recent dot of creativity comes in the form of Creative Empowerment of Long Island's youth and families through the nonprofit I founded (Your Time For Creative Empowerment, Inc.). There are no words to express the reward I feel from the result of mobilizing youth to use the arts as tools for self-empowerment. With all these special ways I have chosen to use my art, life for an artist like me tends to be quite exciting and fulfilling!

I am the mother of 2 young adults children and 1 young adult step daughter, the daughter of a 95 -year-old mother, and wife of a devoted and supportive husband.


I studied art and design in both England and the U.S. and obtained a Master of Arts in Education degree from Brooklyn College and an entrepreneurship certificate from Hofstra University. 

I have served as the New York State representative for the Surface Design Association. I am a member of the United Federation of Teachers, Kappa Delta Pi and several art organizations including Americans for the Arts, the Art League of Long Island, Guild Hall and the Long Island Arts Alliance where I serve as an Advisory Board member.


Madona Cole-Lacy, M.A.Ed.

           ~ Visual Artist * Educator * Motivator *Social Entrepreneur * Registered Nassau and Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts-in-Education Teaching Artist & Cultural Partner


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